Would you like to add a bit of spice to your plant presentation? Here are some possibilities: 

Upgrade the container: Clay pots with matching saucers are available. The added charge is $5 for a 6" plant, $10 for an 8" plant or $20 for a 10" plant. An assortment of handsome metal containers are available for an additional $15 to $25 per plant. Our newest assortment may be seen

Add fresh flowers in water tubes for a bit of spice in foliage plants. For an additional $10 or $15 your gift blends the best of both worlds, flowers and a plant. Please note, however, the fresh flowers will have a relatively sort life due to the small amount of water in the tubes.

Add a
stuffed animal, a whimsical touch for the young and the young at heart.

When in doubt as to the best choice in plants, call or
e-mail us at john@harkinsneworleans.com. The “Plant Doctor” is always available for consultation.


To order using our personal touch ordering system, just fill in the order form and we will call you.

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Flowers may be our cheeriest presentation, but when it comes to long term enjoyment our plants win hands down. 

When selecting a plant, major factors to consider are the environment where the plant will live and the skill level of the recipient at caring for plants.  Most of our plants are easy to care for and can handle marginal lighting conditions.  A care tag is attached to each plant before it leaves the shop.

Our plant selections fall into the following categories, each of which have examples. You may click on: