A yellow bromeliad plant in a white wicker basket with Spanish moss
Wooden bromeliad planter containing yellow, orange, and red plants with sheet moss, kiwi, cat tails, and a lotus pod

We can also put together beautiful planter baskets/boxes/dishes like this one!

This example, with three 4inch bromeliads, kiwi vine, reeds and a Lotus Pod in a rustic wooden box runs around $125.  Give us a call to set one up!

Gray hammered tin, mahogany checked metal, and brown fleur de lis containers next to a terra cotta pot

We usually dress our larger bromeliads in white-washed wicker baskets, and our small bromeliads in terra cotta pots. Shown above are examples of alternate containers that are currently available. These will add $15 to $25 the entire price of the plant, ask your salesperson for details. ‚Äč

A fuchsia bromeliad plant in a white wicker basket with Spanish moss

Bromeliad              $65

This is a great example of our bromeliads. This plant comes in a 6 inch diameter pot, and they are usually between 2 and 3 feet tall, and also quite wide as shown here. There are many different varieties, each with their own growth pattern.  Call (504) 529-1638 for our current selection. Our bromeliads come direct from Guatemala. We usually have a nice selection of colors and varieties. Special ordering for color or type is available, however there may be a wait.  We dress our plants in wicker baskets and add Spanish moss to cover the soil. We also have several decorative containers to choose from, at an additional charge.  They may be seen by scrolling to the bottom of this page. 

A red bromeliad plant in a white wicker basket with Spanish moss

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