Single Spike - $75.00

Double Spike - $100.00

We always dress our orchids in terra cotta pots with moss and either kiwi vine or bamboo. Shown above are examples of alternate containers that are currently available. These will add $15 to $25 the entire price of the plant, ask your salesperson for details.

We always keep a good selection of orchids on hand. Call to learn of what is currently available. 504-529-1638

A beautiful shot of our white phals with fuschia throats.

This is a blossom shot of the orchid pictured above. The bud count is incredible.

This close-up shows the color we call amber.

Orchids!              $75 - $100

Our orchids generally run in the $75 to $100 range. The pictures on this page are representational of those prices. We acquire our plants from an exclusive farm in Florida, with our dealer delivering them to us straight from the farm to our front door!  I love when that van pulls up, full of nothing but the freshest orchids of various shapes, colors and sizes!  On occasion we are able to get larger Phalaenopsis orchids and also other varieties. Call, or email and ask about availability.  These beautiful specimens will reward you with blooms for months to come. They make such thoughtful and lasting gifts.  Phalaenopsis are by far the easiest orchids to take care of. Many people believe they are so touchy, however if given medium light (no full sun), a soaking in the sink (or 3-4 ice cubes placed on the top of the moss) once every week to 10 days and then just leave them alone, they do beautifully. In our climate here, we are lucky enough to be able to leave our orchids outside, in a nice shady area and they just love it.  There are several different ways that a Phalaenopsis sends out buds, sometimes they send out two or more flower spikes, or they send out side; 'lateral' shoots. Sometimes we're lucky to receive orchids with both multiple spikes and laterals.  These are truly showpieces! 


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