Succulent gardens are arrangements in and of themselves, due to the almost floral form and sculptural quality of succulents. This makes a succulent garden the perfect gift for city dwellers with limited space, college students, and those who don't have a green thumb. We typically design our gardens in clear glass or ceramic containers and dress them up with sand, rocks, kiwi vine, and/or lotus pods. Succulent gardens begin at $55, but we can go up from there to create a complex and varied scape.

This is an example of a $55 double succulent bowl.

Call for availability! We get a new shipment from our grower every week or so and would love to chat with you about what we currently have in stock.


Succulents are a new favorite for us. They have become incredibly popular over the last few years, working their way into our floral arrangements and dish gardens. Succulents may be the most versatile plant that we carry; due to their ability to store water, they can go for weeks at a time without hydration. Despite this uncanny ability, we recommend watering them when the soil is dry to the touch for a succulent that will grow with you for years to come. 

These succulents start at $30 for a single, $55 for a double and $75 for a triple