Bride-23               $255

This is such a fun bouquet. We used three different varieties of orange roses, along with an accent of Green Tea roses. A collar of variegated pittisporum finished it off and it was all wrapped up with a hunter green satin ribbon. Beautiful!

Bride-22                $280

Hot, hot, hot! The colors in this stunning bride's bouquet are gorgeous. We've used mango, mini calla lilies, hot pink roses and deep purple lisianthus.


This is the same bouquet, just with the picture taken from the side. Green flowers have been very popular lately and there are now so many different types and varieties.

Bride-21                $275

This is a wonderful short cascade bouquet. The bride had hoped for all cymbidiums, but to keep costs down, we've added green hydrangea, green roses, green dendrobium orchids and several green phaleanopis orchids along with the cymbidiums.

Bride-20                $100

This is the companion piece to the bride bouquet at the left. The bride chose to go with all green, and it was gorgeous.

Bride-19                $150

A striking combination of dark purple and green. The lisianthus is so dark, it was difficult to get a picture of it. If you are looking for a deep, saturated purple, this is the flower to choose. It pairs well with the lime greens that are available now.

Bride-18                $100

This is the companion piece to Bride 17, with 6 Vendella roses through a hydrangea. An updated look to a classic design.

Bride-17                $150

A beautiful bouquet of buttercream, Vendella roses which have been threaded through a fluffy white hydrangea. We've added a collar of pittisporum to finish it off.

Bride-16                $150

This is a beautiful, bouquet that is just so crisp and fresh! The blue of the iris is set off by the white of the hydrangea, and the bright green just pops it all.

Bride-15                $205

This is another traditional all white design, that is beautifully light and airy. It has peonies, roses, hydrangea, freesia and stephanotis.

Bride-14                $115

This is the companion piece to the wildflower bouquet at the left. These are so vibrant and lively. We love the bright colors.

Bride-13                $150

A beautiful bouquet of summer wildflowers. We've included lilies, tiny spray roses, stock, veronica, delphinium, hydrangea and roses, all wrapped up with satin ribbon. We had lots of ooo's and aahhs in the shop while making this one.

Bride-12                $115

This bouquet was the complement of the bride bouquet at the left. The bride had wanted similar flowers, but all in rosy pinks, blush, and a touch of white. Even though it looks close to the same size as the Bride's bouquet to the left, this is about half the size of the bride's, which is common here for bridesmaid's bouquets.

Bride-11                $150

Fresh as a daisy! This compact bouquet is beautiful in white with just a touch of pink accents. This bouquet includes a nice fluffy hydrangea, wonderfully sweet scented stock, standard roses, the tiny spray roses and gerbera daisies.

Bride-10                $245

This bouquet is gorgeous! We've taken a base of white roses, and hydrangea, and added pure white mini calla lilies, and white cymbidium orchids. A classic with a looser, organic feel.

Bride-9                $250

Vendella roses - like buttercream - along with freesia, stephanotis and hydrangea make a wonderful bouquet.

Bride-8                $235

This bouquet was made for a bride that wanted an all red bouquet. We've combined dahlia, roses and anemones with a collar of red hypericum. Though different shades of red, they all blend beautifully for a luscious look.

Bride-7        Large $180  Small $125

This has proved to be another of our most popular designs. The eye-popping colors are great for summer, or any time of the year. We've used yellow lilies, gerbera daisies, sweetheart roses, standard roses, button poms, and hypericum berries. Fun and festive!

Bride-6                $180

Simple, traditional and lovely. This bouquet is all pale pink spray roses and variegated pittisporum. A nice, lush, romantic style.

Bride-5     Large $250  Small $175        This has proved to be one of our most popular styles. We've made this design in several different color combinations and they all look great. This one combines mango mini calla lilies with wide-open red roses and a touch of green hypericum for texture.

Bride-4                $125

The same bouquet, though smaller for a bridesmaid. The contrast of white and green is striking.

Bride-3                $200

This traditional, all white bouquet is great for any time of year. We've used a base of hydrangea, added ranunculus, dendrobium orchids and stock and accented it with a touch of green hypericum berries.

Bride-2                $275

This romantic bouquet is created with only white garden roses. These old fashioned roses open beautifully, and large, and have a wonderful scent. This one is a classic.

Bride-1                $175

A beautiful bouquet of white, cream, and pale blue. We've combined blue delphinium with the assorted whites of the roses, stock, and calla lilies for a springy, cool, timeless look.

bride bouquets

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Below you will find many different styles and color combinations of bridal bouquets. Each is unique, though we are able to create similar looks, color combinations, similar flower choices. These are here to show you just some of the possibilities available. We will work closely with you to help you choose just the right bouquet for you and your attendants.

The prices shown are as pictured. All of the bouquets may be customized, and almost always are, this price is just to give you a ballpark idea. Color does not usually affect the prices.

Bride-29               $155

One of the hottest color combinations lately has been yellow and gray. This bouquet moves into the spectrum a little bit, toward the reds, and we have orange/rust and gray. What a lovely pairing

Bride-28               $250

The subtle colors here are the star of the bouquet. The palest green of the cymbidium orchids works so well with the light lavender, and bright pale blue of the delphinium, all surrounded by whites, and based in a fluffy hydrangea.

This beautiful bouquet is made with two dozen open red roses. This bride had decided against any foliage for a more sleek look.

Bride-33               $225

This bride didn't want any foliage in her bouquet, but wanted Bells of Ireland instead. I think it was quite effective. The green plays off the hot pink beautifully.

Bride-27               $125

I love the color play between the orange ranunculus, and deep purple lisianthus, and the red just adds more excitement. This is a great bouquet if you like a lot of color!

Bride-37               $95

This springy bouquet of peach, and coral tulips is great for a small wedding, or to use as bridesmaids bouquets.

Bride-25               $200

This is a beautiful, subtle bouquet of white roses, white calla llilies, stephanotis, green hydrangea and mauve roses.

Bride-31               $235

If you're looking for something springy, and colorful, don't miss this one. Pink peonies, dark pink garden roses, purple lisianthus, hydrangea, and orange Star of Bethlehem. Her bridesmaids were wearing Tiffany Blue, so we brought that in with the ribbon wrap.

Bride-30               $225

We all love this white, and yellow, with ranunculus, yarrow, gray brunia berries, hydrangea, succulents, and lambs ear.

Bride-24               $175

Another classic white bouquet. This one features lovely phaleanopsis orchids, lisianthus, stephanotis, standard roses, and the tiny spray roses. These are all threaded throughout a fluffy head of hydrangea. The textures are wonderful in this white monochromatic bouquet.

Bride-35               $375

This lovely bouquet has hydrangea, roses, cymbidium orchids, and phaleanopsis orchids, all in white, and the palest pink.

Bride-34               $265

Romantic, and petally. This beautiful bouquet has peonies, garden roses, anemones, freesia, and hydrangea. It is scented as beautifully as it looks.

Bride-26               $125

This is a wonderful autumn combination of vibrant reds, yellow, and orange. The dark leucodendron sets it off beautifully.

Bride-36               $185

Simply white hydrangea, and white mini calla lilies. The lack of foliage gives the sleek contemporary look.

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Bride-32               $255

Sweetly scented. This lovely bouquet of whites, and pale pinks is created with peonies, large calla lilies, stock, and roses.

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   Bride-38                $235