Reception-17        $45+

This darling little design is wonderful when multiple centerpieces are needed. They may be grouped on large round tables, run in a line down long tables, or singly on smaller tables. Cute as can be.

Reception-16        $75

This is a good height for seated dinners, or for anywhere you would like to have some color. Though shown in pink, and white, we are able to create this in any color combination you choose. A half dozen roses threaded throughout a fluffy hydrangea, accented with seeded eucalyptus, in a ginger jar shaped, clear glass vase.

Reception-15        $155

This very popular design has a full stem of cymbidium orchids submerged in a tall, slender cylinder, anchored with polished river stones. Very sleek, and stylish. For evening affairs, this design may also be topped with a floating candle.

12 inch diameter mirrors work well with this size design, and supply a hard, flat surface for added stability. The mirrors are $12 each, or may be rented for $7 each.

Reception-14        $330/3 Cylinders 

Wonderfully contemporary! This group of cylinders with submerged tulips is fun, festive, and fashionable. Each cylinder has been topped off with a floating candle.

Reception-13             $20

These bubble bowls with a single gerbera daisy floating, are great for a spot of color.

Reception-12             $175

This size works well for buffet tables, guestbook tables, or anywhere you would like a splash of color. This design is about 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall, so best not to have this as a centerpiece for a seated dinner.

Reception-11             $665

This is a great vegetative design. It looks like the flowers have been planted and bloomed here. With the strong vertical lines, these are great for mantles, or table arrangements that call for height.

Reception-10             $325

Another table scape, this one, again, happens to be in bright festive colors. Have our designers come up with something that's just right for you!

Reception-9             $375

This was a fun, bright table scape centerpiece. Each element is different, but they all co-ordinate. Very festive, with lots of interest.

Reception-8                  $60

A lovely small centerpiece of white and green - one of our most popular color combinations! Of course we can make this in any colors you choose. They are just darling!

Reception-7             $175 

This is a wonderful example of our traditional centerpieces. Note the low profile, and large amount of foliage as a base. This design is styled in florist's foam which enables us to create a broader spread at the base. These work well for large tables.  We can make this in any palette you choose!

Reception-6                $125

A wonderfully natural, organic look. We've captured mini calla lilies, cymbidium orchids, and dendrobium orchids, among swirled, curly willow branches, accented with polished river stones. 


$375 as pictured with $30 Rental Vase

A lovely design for either the ceremony, or the reception. The large, draping arrangement sits atop a tall, clear vase.

This can be made in any mix of colors, and flowers.

Reception-4                $50

The same arrangement as next door to the left, though we've added the hypericum berries.

Reception-3                $45

Here we have the same bubble bowl arrangement with the addition of roses. It really changes the look, and adds some color.

Reception-2                $40

This is our bubble bowl with a single white hydrangea and a few pieces of seeded eucalyptus, topped off with some curls!

Reception-1                $23

This is our cube vase with a single gerbera daisy. It's similar to our single floating gerbera in a bubble bowl, with just a little different look.

reception ideas

There is such a wide range of table arrangements that are wonderful for the guest tables at your wedding. Below you will find several samples from the most modest to the elaborate. All of these may be customized to fit the couple's palette.

More and more brides are wanting to include mason jars, old bottles, or vintage milk glass into their reception decor. These are lots of fun, and so cute when made up. Most often it is more economical for the couple to provide such containers. This saves money, and personalizes decorations. Our designers will be happy to provide pricing for various types of flowers used in this approach.

Also, it is good to look through our everyday flower arrangement pages for more ideas, 
Flower Arrangements.  This page is broken down into price categories, which will help you decide what will work best according to one's budget.