Mid-4               $210

This beautiful design is made with 1 1/2 doz. peach roses, massed tightly in a tall square vase, and circled with schefflera leaves. We've accented with smooth river stones.

Mid-14               $185

One of our long and low centerpieces. This is styled in an oval shape for a larger rectangular table, but the arrangement can be altered for a round table top. We will be more than happy to create this style in colors to complement your décor.

Mid-23                $140

​Cube of 6 Red and 6 White Roses nestled in White Hydrangea!

Dozen and a Half Red Roses             $185

18 of the best quality Ecuadoran and Russian-Cut roses. 

Mid-1               $175

This handsome arrangement is styled in our mid-sized cube vase. The clean, crisp colors are so fresh! We love the new green varieties we've been getting in lately, the roses are wonderful. Of course this arrangement can be made in any color combination that fits your needs or your fancy, let one of our designers help you choose just the right ones.

1/3/5 Dozen Red Roses             $120/$360/$600

The perennial favorite. We use only the best quality Ecuadoran and Russian-Cut roses. 

Mid-18                $175

Dendrobium or Phalaenopsis Orchids (according to availability/Dendrobiums pictured), Liatris, Birds of Paradise, and Hydrangea highlight this beautiful and tall cylinder!

1/3/5 Dozen Novelty Roses             $120/$360/$600

Top quality long stem roses in a variety of colors!  Enquire about color availability.

Please note that the wine bottle in our arrangement photographs is for scale and not available for delivery.

Mid-20                $135

Mid-17                $130

We love the bright colors of this design!. Tall and linear are what this bouquet is all about. Brilliant blue delphinium fly high from a cluster of lilies, gerbera daisies and fluffy hydrangea. We've added kiwi vine for a little flair.

Mid-16                $130

A bright bunch of garden flowers fill this cube vase. Great to cheer someone up with! We will select the best blooms of the day.

Mid-15                $130

This stunning vase arrangement styling lends itself to either a contemporary setting or traditional home. We've clustered liatris for color, height and statement, then nestled in stargazer lilies and dendrobium orchids for softness. Snapdragons and wispy foliage add the illusion of movement to this graceful design.

Mid-13                $150

harmony - the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.​

Mid-12                $150

This eye-popping arrangement was styled with pizzazz in mind, and it certainly delivers! We've grouped color families together for more impact, and as always the gerbera daisies and Stargazer lilies steal the show. Call to see if these flowers and colors are in stock today!

Mid-7                $125

This is a great, traditional design. The base of the arrangement is foliage, and we've left the stems long to add height. While this arrangement is composed of a mixture of colors, we can create this design in any color combination you choose, or monochromatic.

Mid-5                $110

Natural and organic. This design combines earth tones with a bright, surprise punch of blue hydrangea at the base. A wonderful curving line of willow branches frames it beautifully.

Mid-2                $125

Let the sun shine in! Wow your loved one with this vibrant bouquet of Sunflowers (or Yellow Gerbera Daisies, depending on availability), White Lilies, Stock, Monte Casino and Eucalyptus!

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