***We create beautiful funeral pieces for services taking place any time of day, BUT, Please understand that we cannot make early morning funeral pieces for ONLINE ORDERS THAT ARE PLACED AFTER 3PM or OVERNIGHT (for the following morning.)***

There are a number of approaches when sending a floral tribute to a funeral.

The traditional approach, still favored by old-timers, is the standing spray. These come in various sizes.  Similar to easel sprays are wreaths, usually displayed on an easel as well. These wreaths have become quite popular for memorial services, encircling either an urn of ashes or a portrait of the deceased.

A more contemporary approach is a basket of flowers. These are done in wicker or grapevine baskets, and are done in various sizes. 

When choosing a stand or a basket of flowers, one could make these choices to help determine the presentation without stifling the designer’s creativity:

Should we use garden type flowers/ tropical/ or all the same flower?
Should we use bright, strong colors/ soft pastels/ or a monochromatic approach?  Should we go with a traditional (full) approach/ or an artsy, contemporary feel?  Should we use long- lasting or short-term flowers?

By answering these questions the designer will be able to create an attractive flower arrangement that meets your expectations. If you choose a piece from our selections, keep in mind that it will be “in the spirit of” a certain piece because of seasonal availability of some flowers.

A flower basket selection is something a member of the family might want to take home or send to a hospital or nursing home after the service. The same is true of plants, a floral tribute for funerals that is growing in popularity. Click on the plants icon on the main page for more information concerning these.

There are other special pieces we do for funerals. 

We do not offer “Jesus Has Called.” We have also retired the motorcycle, suitcase and roast beef po-boy pieces.

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