E-14               $45

Simple and elegant. This color combination is one of our most requested lately. With the new green flowers that have become available in the last few years, we can add a nice punch of color and still be considered neutral, and conservative.

E-13               $50

So cute, and fun! This colorful design sports a festive Bird of Paradise at the top to add additional flair!

E-7               $45

If you are a fan of gerbera daisies, this is just the thing for you! We've filled a bud vase with bright, happy blooms, and added some Solidago and Pitt!

E-4             $40

Dendrobium Orchids, Spiral Eucalyptus, a touch of Pitt and a dried Lotus Pod.  Simplicity with maximum impact!

For our convenient, rapid ordering, use the

economical arrangements

Please note that the wine bottle in our arrangement photographs is for scale and not available for delivery.

Tulips are back!  We take a classic approach, with A head of Hydrangea and 10 stems of Dutch Tulips (ask for color availability!) arranged in a bubble bowl.  Simplicity=Beauty

FYI - Tulips are out of season the day after Mother's Day!

E-10               $60

This cute and whimsical arrangement starts with a head of fluffy hydrangea, a beautiful cymbidium orchid and bright garden flowers threaded throughout. We've placed them in a short cylinder vase with a leaf wrap.

E-9               $50

Another view of our cube designs, they are just the right thing to brighten someone's day.

E-3               $55

This darling design combines roses with cymbidium or phalaenopsis (according to availability) orchid blossom  and is finished with lacey, silvery Dusty Miller.

buttons by each item.

E-12               $60

This colorful contemporary assortment arranged in a rectangular vase is perfect for any occasion!

E-11               $65

Monochromatic arrangements rely on the interplay of textures and the impact of a single color family. This display has been created in our cylinder vase. With it's linear style we are able to showcase the many tall, spiked, field and garden flowers available throughout the year.

E-8               $65

This beautiful, tall, traditional vaseful of blooms is certain to get attention!

E-2              $40

We've filled this bubble bowl with bright summer colors. As you'll notice the arrangements pictured on this page you'll see that we can style this size of arrangement in any number of colors and types of flowers.

Below you'll find a selection of vase arrangements in the $40 to $65 price range. We offer so many different types of flowers that the combinations are endless, this is just a very small sampling. If you don't have a particular type of flower or style of arrangement in mind, our designers will be more than happy to create a beautiful arrangement with the best selection of the day. Some of our best designs are made this way.

To order using our personal touch ordering system, just fill in this order form, and we will call you.

E-16               $60

You've asked for it, you've got it! We've filled one of our ginger jar vases to the brim with puffy hydrangea, added some gray-green seeded eucalyptus to create a soft, simple, dreamy look that is great for any occasion. This is shown as all blue hydrangea. White is also available and this looks great with a combination of both white and blue. Call and ask about availability.

E-15               $65

A beautiful cylinder of bright gerber daisies, delphinium, roses and Stargazer lilies, we've added hypericum berries and aster. The wine bottle is shown for scale.

E-6               $40

Pink has been fantastically popular for flower color lately. This design takes advantage of a couple of the many types of flowers available in shades of pink.

E-5               $40

Classic mix of yellow and white!  Hydrangea, Roses, Solidago, Hypericum and Seeded Eucalyptus...!

E-1                $40

This bubble bowl arrangement is shown in a monochromatic color scheme. Using only one color adds impact to an arrangement and makes the use of texture even more important. Let us know which colors you prefer and we'll choose just the right combination to make your design really stand out.

E-17                        $45.00