VAL - 1                          $95

VAL -2/Click here for 2 dozen NOVELTY COLOR 

Please rank order of preference: White, Pink, Peach, Orange, or Yellow.

​Check out this year's lovely selection of flowers to suit anyone's fancy!  From the traditional dozen red rose bouquet, to long lasting, elegant white orchid plants.

valentine's day 2019

VAL -13                          $65

We love the bright colors of this design!  Tall and linear are what this bouquet is all about. Brilliant blue delphinium fly high from a cluster of lilies, gerbera daisies and fluffy hydrangea.

Click here for 2 dozen RED roses:

The perennial favorite. We use only the best quality Ecuadoran roses.

Impress your Valentine with these beautiful shades of red, pink and purple!

VAL - 2                         $190

 We've taken a stem of Stargazer lilies for scent, pink gerbera daisies, coordinating roses, all threaded throughout a large, puffy hydrangea blossom, and we've added seeded eucalyptus and bear grass for accent.

A tall, mixed garden flower vase of pinks and whites, with Purple Liatris accents!  Big, Bold and Beautiful.

VAL -7                     $75 - $100

White Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants  $75, and $100

Plants with single flower spikes are $75, double flower spikes are $100.

This year, all of our orchids are white!  Dressed up in a terra cotta pot with kiwi vine and lotus pods!  Check out our  Upgrade Containers​!

VAL - 10                             $150

VAL - 8                                  $55

VAL - 1/One Dozen Novelty roses          $95

We've added a full half dozen of novelty colored roses to a fluffy head of hydrangea, included a few stems of seeded eucalyptus and put them all in a ginger jar vase to create a lovely centerpiece for your special someone.

VAL - 11                                    $45

Impress your Valentine with a beautiful, tropical bromeliad!  Put it in an upgrade container for added impact!  Just select the $80 price point when ordering.

A full two dozen roses!! This is sure to be a gift that will be remembered for years.

The same full vase of roses, only in one of our novelty colors of roses. Ask which colors we have available. 

Please rank order of preference: White, Pink, Peach, Orange, or Yellow.

VAL - 6                         $75 

VAL -12                          $110

VAL -5                               $125

Springy and so romantic! This wonderful vase full of blooms includes roses, gerbera daisies, tulips and hydrangea in soft pastel hues.

***From Monday, February 11th to Friday, February 15 ONLY the arrangements in the "Valentine’s Day 2019" section will be available.***

***Sorry! The wine bottle in the photos is just for scale!***

VAL - 3                            $170       

VAL - 9                               $85

This beautiful design is made with 1 1/2 doz. roses, massed tightly in a tall square vase, and circled with schefflera leaves. We've accented with smooth river stones.

We've done away with the heavy greens and started with a base of fluffy hydrangea instead, then we've threaded crisp, fresh tulips throughout - it's just cute as a button!!

Note that on delivery the tulips will be shorter than pictured.  They will continue to grow several inches.