MOM-2            $170    

For the week of May 10th to 13th ONLY the arrangements in the "mother's day 2017" section will be available.

MOM-1               $85

MOM-11               $40

MOM-9               $150

This wonderfully romantic design was created with traditional styling. The stargazer lilies and roses add a heady scent, while the taller, field and garden flowers draw your eye up and up through the arrangement. Surely a gift they'll remember.

A full two dozen red roses!!!

MOM-8              $100

This eye-popping arrangement was styled with pizzazz in mind, and it certainly delivers! We've grouped color families together for more impact, and as always the gerbera daisies and Stargazer lilies steal the show. Call to see if these flowers and colors are in stock today!

MOM-3             $40

A beautiful bubble bowl of quality flowers!

mother's day 2017

MOM-4               $60

This colorful contemporary assortment arranged in a rectangular vase is perfect for any occasion!

MOM-10              $60

Your mama will love one of these potted bromeliads!   Like our potted orchids, they will last quite a while, and if cared for properly, will reproduce!

MOM - 7                     $75 - $100

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants  $75, and $100

Plants with single flower spikes are $75, double flower spikes are $100.

Phalaenopsis are by far the easiest orchids to take care of. Many people believe they are so touchy, however if given medium light (no full sun), a soaking in the sink once every week to 10 days and then just leave them alone, they do beautifully. In our climate here, we are lucky enough to be able to leave our orchids outside, in a nice shady area and they just love it.

MOM - 7                     $75 - $100

MOM-12               $125

This beautiful arrangement is styled in our mid-sized cube vase. The clean, crisp colors are so fresh! We love the green and white mix, with or without the blue delphinium accents!  Let us know what your mom prefers!

One dozen Red Roses!  The perennial favorite. We use only the best quality Ecuadoran roses.  

MOM-6             $75

This vase is styled in what has become a very popular arrangement for us. We start with a frilly hydrangea blossom and thread our best quality flowers throughout. This makes for a very beautiful, dainty piece. Low enough for a centerpiece at a seated party, or perfect as an accent any where!

We've done away with the heavy greens and started with a base of fluffy hydrangea instead, then we've threaded crisp, fresh tulips throughout - it's just cute as a button!!

Note that on delivery the tulips will be shorter than pictured.  They will continue to grow several inches.  Fun!

MOM-5                $60

You've asked for it, you've got it! We've filled one of our ginger jar vases to the brim with puffy hydrangea, added some gray-green seeded eucalyptus to create a soft, simple, dreamy look that is great for any occasion. Light blue and white.

This year we have gathered together a wealthy offering of beautiful flowers, from the elegant, traditional favorites to our fun, contemporary cube designs.  We also have beautiful potted orchids! 

There's something here for everybody's mama!