Show stopper arrangement, balloons

This view shows the show stopper arrangement, a portion of the poster ensemble and a portion of the balloons ascending the stairwell.

Show stopper

An alternate view of the show stopper arrangement. We had to take several pictures, as the space was so large for the flash. Some of the photos may appear grainy from the brightening effect.

Mantle piece

These mantle pieces are quite large, approximately 5ft. across and 4 to 5 feet up the middle. Large flowers such as the torch ginger accent the mix of greens.

Close-up of a poster, banana plant and balloons

These were not live plants. We used cut banana secured in 5 gallon buckets, then camouflaged with assorted tropical greens. This made for a very colorful and effective display.

Mantle piece

Large mantle arrangements of assorted tropical greens and torch ginger adorned the mantles of the parlors.

Continuation of the Main Hallway

Again showing the artwork and banana plants. The plants made a nice graceful archway throughout the length of the hall, still affording plenty of headroom.

Main Hallway

We cropped portions of the wonderful artwork on the event's invitation and had them printed in poster size to be displayed on our white wooden easels. These were displayed against a backdrop of banana plants and balloons. This hall is so large that you really need to go over-sized on everything to make an impression. The original artwork is by Terrance Osborne.

justice for all ball, gallier hall 2007

Budvases and Balloons

The band and dance floor was in the back section of this room, highboy tables were placed in the remaining space. We placed budvases of mixed flowers tied with several balloon on each table.

3 tiered show stopper arrangement

This stunning arrangement is created in three tiers. We used colors taken from the invitation in keeping with the theme. This particular design was 5 feet across at the tips of the delphinium on the bottom and  fully 7 feet high. The top section is made in a separate bowl, which many people opt to give away or take home after the event. Aptly named, this is truly a show stopper!