Sending orders around the world is so easy when you contact us. Just as when sending domestic orders, our service is invaluable. The minimal amount we charge is a good investment in terms of our knowledge placing the order and our advocacy should a problem arise.  Only once in 35 years have we had a problem with an overseas order, and we had the problem solved easily.

When you place an order with us, we pass the order on to our international office which converts the order to the language of the recipient country. The order is then relayed to the filling florist. We are required to tell you that it takes two business days to send an international order. For example, an order placed on Thursday is guaranteed for delivery on Monday. It has been our experience over the years that if we ask for delivery ASAP it may well be delivered earlier than the two day minimum.

When sending flowers abroad, the European mode predominates. The view abroad is that Americans are weird asking for “made up” arrangements in vases or baskets. Arrangements can be ordered, but a premium price will be paid. Even hospitals and hotels in Europe are prepared to receive bouquets (hand-tied assortments) in cellophane.

Contact us to determine the minimums for various flower orders in countries around the world. The comment is often made that the minimums seem high in contrast to prices in flower markets abroad. In part this reflects the perception of us as wealthy Americans ready to spend big bucks, and in part it reflects the level of service attached to the preparation and delivery of the flowers. 

We always advise sticking to the minimum price given on the chart. Invariably the report comes back that a very generous bouquet of flowers was delivered. Never in 35 years have we had a complaint that an order was skimpy or of poor quality.  When sending orders abroad, it is essential that the local phone number of the recipient be provided. The international office we use refuses any order lacking a phone number.

The sum total of sending an international order is $17 above the cost of the flowers. The total order is subject to 9% tax.

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