A hand-drawn comic of Whistler's mother disappointed receiving a painting and Vic's mama happy about harkins' flowers
A hand-drawn comic of Vic surrounded by flowers saying "Ya mama" is the one reason to order harkins' flowers for Mother's Day
A hand-drawn cartoon of a floral arrangement shaped like the letters "MOM" reminding people of the holiday
A hand-drawn comic of Vic and Nat'ly claiming every mama deserves flowers from harkins, but Vic's mama de
A hand-drawn cartoon of flowers beginning with each of the letters in "MOTHER" with the words written above it
A hand-drawn cartoon of Vic saying to Nat'y that he is going to honor the most important woman in his life- his mama
A hand-drawn comic of a mom holding flowers and surrounded by her 12 children who bought the arrangement
A hand-drawn cartoon of four types of moms: cool, traditional, old, and glamorous, and expressing that any would like flowers from harkins
A hand-drawn comic of three types of people who don't order flowers for Mother's Day: murderers, misers, and traitors
A hand-drawn comic of a mom receiving different gifts from her kids, but only liking the flowers from harkins

mother's day 84-13 

Hand-drawn color comic of Vic and Nat'ly by flowers saying "Who ya run to when ya life is fulla drama, dat's right! Ya mama!"