A hand-draw cartoon of Vic giving Nat'ly flowers for secretary and her taking them as he has no job, office, or computer
A hand-drawn cartoon of an intercom reminding an off-panel secretary to buy herself flowers for the holiday
A hand-drawn color cartoon of Vic and Nat'ly's heads next to flowers, stating the dates of Administrative Professionals Week
A hand-drawn cartoon of a secretary keeping track of her boss's complex and dishonest schedule next to a floral arrangement
A hand-drawn cartoon of two wrong and one right option for Secretaries Week, with the right option as flowers from harkins
A hand-drawn cartoon of women lined up with sashes stating the locality they are from and that they all deserve flowers
A hand-drawn cartoon of Vic and Nat'ly arguing whether Vic would be a local Lee Iacocca if he had a secretary
A hand-drawn cartoon of the results of a poll asking secretaries what they want on the holiday, with 98.1% responding flowers

administrative professional's week 

A hand-drawn cartoon of a computer surrounding by flowers, reading "National Secretaries Week" and the dates